Monday, December 10, 2012

december daily #10

for the past two years i have done a december daily. i usually make the album ahead of time, but it is such a whirlwind season this year that i haven't had a chance. nonetheless, i will start today on here & catch up later!

we told addox we had a surprise to go take care of after work tonight, he was excited all day begging for hints. :) he wasn't disappointed, we got a great tree!! hooray for christmas joy & all that goes with it!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

new news....

something has been in the works for awhile... over a year, actually. the idea kept nagging at me, and nagging at me. i kept thinking i don't have the time, i don't have the resources, i don't know how to start something like this, it might fail, etc etc. how annoying of me. and selfish. pshhh.

somewhere along the way i met a new, super sweet instant soul friend & brought it up. she was encouraging, and offered to help when she could. the idea kept nagging... so i stopped, gave in, and so happy i did.

sewn love ks begins, and hopefully continues. we create, collect, & distribute baby blankets and items to pregnancy crisis centers/organizations. i will take our first happy pile this week, hooray!!

i've been in a similar situation as some of the girls & women that seek these centers, but i was blessed with support from family and friends. not everyone is. some of these women have few or no people that support them, some are kicked out, most are confused, sad & scared. wouldn't it be nice to know SOMEONE cared? even if it was someone you never met? to know that the blanket your little one is wrapped up in has been prayed over?

i'm already working with one sweet woman at a center, and touring another this month. this past weekend we put up posters around town & got so much encouragement and love. it is SO nice to experience this & see there are people that aren't consumed only with themselves and willing to help others.

want to help? spread the word! go like our facebook page. share it. donate your hand-made items (i will come collect it! or have an address where you can send!) you can also donate fabric and we will do the rest!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

mountain house

we had a total blast. we all agreed it was one of the best breck trips we've ever had, we just relaxed and soaked in the sun & fresh air. i cooked a lot of our meals ahead of time and froze them, then reheated in the beloved crockpot. jason said one of his favorite things about the trip was just hanging out at home & eating the meals we brought. that isn't to say we didn't enjoy our favorite "eats" while we were there, but we found a good balance (yay for thrifty vacations!). we also discovered a new place, a french bakery that was delicious! just ask addox... he loved it more than us i think!

we jumped rocks in the river, hiked around the forest, went to add's fave quirky book shop, walked around town, fed add's fish (yes is he is rather possessive), played at the parks, and other times did absolutely nothing except breathe in the air and relax. isn't that the best thing about a vacation? sitting on the porch in the morning & enjoying the silence is my favorite thing to do.

we also had friends come over for a day which was a good time. we so appreciate them packing up and coming up the mountain to have fun with us! lots of walking in town, some park play, hanging out and enjoyed a couple meals together. the kids had fun together, addox loved playing with the sweet girls!

there was lots of critters... add & i especially enjoyed listening to the chipmunks in the mornings. jason even caught sight of the fox once, but he didn't stick around. we also saw a couple mounds of.. ah... bear poo. we were really hoping to see one but no luck!
maybe next time?

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

it's a (sorta) post.

there was recently a fabbbbbbbulous barn sale held not far from home, so the bestie and i made a day of it.
the red barn outdoor market was SO much fun, there were great vendors & a large variety of happy "stuff."
i picked up the school tablet for $4, the large blue ball jar beside it for $2 (score!).
they have a very happy home in our upstairs bathroom.
can't wait for the next one in september!!!

my camera is broken at the moment, and until i get it fixed i have been using jason's point & shoot.
which is great but the only problem is that i can't (well, haven't looked) for the cord yet.
we hit up a GREAT antique mall and a few little shops on the way back, someday i will post pictures of the whole days' finds.
one of which busted my toe less than a week later (long story).

summer is almost here.... i hear the pool calling our name.
bring it on.

Monday, April 09, 2012

easter 2012

we had a wonderful day, started out with the easter story in bed, then down to see what the bunny brought.

the face of a child who never gets chocolate.

oh, the glory!!

then we had church, which has been a real blessing to all of us.

mama's boy.

they clean up nice, don't they?

the afternoon was spent with the cutest little nieces an aunt jj could ever have.
have i mentioned how sweet they are?
because they are.
asin steal-and-never-let-them-go-back-to-texas sweet.

and, we even managed a family picture.

only downfall was we really missed spending time with j's family, but hopefully soon!!
hope everyone had a great easter & celebrated with the ones they love!!

Thursday, April 05, 2012


i am thankful today....

for a little boy who cracks me up 100 times a day & makes my heart melt just as many times with his sweetness.

for a husband who is beyond awesome.

for time coming up with lots of family, & a cute little baby girl that i get to finally meet!

for people put in my path at exactly the right time that can genuinely relate when i feel like i'm the only one.
this truly amazes me.

for hope.

for a 3-day weekend.

for being 2 days away from coffee.

for grace. 

for very sweet friends.

for times like this with my little man.

p.s. if you would like, say a little prayer for our easter grass. it is barely sprouting, and we are two days from the big day. i guess a week isn't enough. maybe we should have fertilized them. maybe i should have thought of that before now.
my bad.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

12 Days Project

Today we started our 12 Days Before Easter Project.
i love holiday activities, and i think that has been successfully passed on to addox!
it is our 1st year doing this easter project, and i'm using this plan.
we open a numbered egg a day from the basket... i love countdown activities for holidays.
i adore seeing his face when he opens the egg.
i know that you can also buy a project plan along with eggs from christian stores or off amazon... but this was waaaay cheaper.
as in $1 tree eggs & stuff we have around the house.
plus next year i will want to alter it, so why buy something that i would only use once?
good enough for me!!

 anyone else doing it?
o'cuz you should.
and i dearly miss addox saying o'cuz.
dang it.