Tuesday, May 24, 2011

{almost} wordless wednesday

this is from our recent zoo trip.
it was fun to watch the interaction between addox and the chimp, he always manages to find one to just chill with whenever we go.

all in all, the zoo breaks my heart if i let it.
i love enjoying the animals, but i'd much rather them be in their natural habitat.
the ones that pace tear at my heart, and the ones that are so smart like our chimp friend here do as well.


(i wish the glare wasn't so bad, the chimp was studying addox.)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

my new favorite finds!

the coliseum has a wonderful, humongous flea market almost every month.
yesterday was the first time i went & i'm def going back!!
looking at things was half the fun, and i found some awesome stuff!

this is my pretty close to favorite purchase.
(tie with paper dolls and hankies below)
it is a handmade tablecloth, and it is truly lovely, my kitchen lighting is horrid and my skills are a bit lacking in the pics, but i absolutely love it.
i've been looking for tablecloths but couldn't find any that weren't ugly plus being usually $20.
until yesterday.
she wanted $3 for it, but there was a small stain (that came out in wash) so i got it for $1.

she offered this one to me as well, for $1.
who was i to say no?

wonder how many hours it took to make them?

made by the talented kyle who also has a pretty awesome blog :)

i got 32 vintage hankies for $3.... SCORE!

i love paper dolls... and got a shoebox FULL for $5.
bought them from a guy that said he got them from an estate sale & never even looked in box.
thank you sir.
this lady was HAPPAAAY!

the clocks hands are metal.

i like getting books addox and i can read together, and different than the children books now.
and cheaper. $2
(not that there is anything wrong with them!!! love them all!!)

neat activity books! $.50

Friday, May 20, 2011

breaking pre-k news

addox had a busy last two days of school.
yesterday they had an award "ceremony," he got three different ones!
he was very proud.

today they had a game day, and although the weather screwed up the original plans the teachers made-do with what they had.
the kids never knew the difference and had a blast.

showing off his awards... with a wink.

hi mom!


peanut butter + toilet paper roll+addox= birdfeeder

addox really likes birds.
a black bird in a parking lot is a joy to him, he always says how pretty their feathers are.

so i thought we would try to attract some real birds to our porch & get messy in the process!

when i was thinking messy project i wasn't thinking he would try to "help" and bring the birdseed bag inside.
and spill 2/3 of it all over the floor.

Monday, May 09, 2011

meet the mountain house fox

hi beautiful baby!

reunited and it feels so good....

when jason lived in CO (pre-j&addox) he had his friend the fox.
he fed it, & it got to where the fox would eat out of his hand.
seriously how cool is that?!
since we have started going out there together (2 1/2 yrs) we have never seen him.

until this past weekend.
i was getting ready to get in the shower and jason comes busting in the bathroom and scares the you-know-what out of me.
fox is back!
and he likes pizza.
so i run out and start taking pictures while telling the fox how much we love him (her?) and am so happy he is back.
poor quality pics, sorry, i was excited.

seriously the cutest fox that ever lived.
addox was standing at the door watching him and dancing, fox just sat on the rail & looked at him for awhile.
i hope we see him again.