Monday, March 28, 2011

wee peg-person exchange

i've never done a blog swap before, but i came across this one recently.
i'd never heard for peg dolls, but i thought it might(?) be fun and thought it would be neat to participate at least.
i was put into a group of six, and we were to make five peg-people and send to our fellow peg-people makers.
everyone was from different states/countries.
it was a super neat idea, & after i started, i was addicted.
mine are not nearly as fancy as most peoples, but i had fun none the less, and this was only my first go at it. :)
it is so much fun to create these little people!
so much so that i promptly made our next crafting night a doll party!!!
i can't wait.
i see superhero peg dolls in our future.
and owls.
and mushrooms.

anyway, here are the dolls i made for my sweet swap ladies!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

i'm here too

i've come across a couple blogs lately that pointed out that we mamas are usually not in the scrapbook.
although i love taking pictures and learning more with my new snazzy camera, i don't want addox to look back and ask where i was.
i've taken a lot of pictures this spring break of addox, and addox and some of his fave people. which is awesome, but, i want to remember the little times we had together, too.
even if i'm in my lazy-scrunch-gel-do.
so, i slapped that baby into auto mode and timer.
we had fun playing the fish game this afternoon, he beat me twice but i won the third one.
he can be a sore loser... hence no fourth game.
we are working on that.

i'm participating in this link party blog thing.

morning w/ mima

today we brought breakfast over to my mima's (add's great mima) house and spent the morning with her.
add loves her house, and i love watching him do so many things we did as kids.
we spent a lot of time outside, which is just where he wants to be!
she has a great backyard to play in, and we love spending the time with her.
i have so many childhood memories of mima and i want addox to have as many as he can, as well.

i love this so much.

they got *his* rake and shovel and went to work

mima showed him all the *good* rocks

mima's tree is GORGEOUS and huge... old neighborhoods have all the good trees!

smooch from gramma

helping with the lock

(you have to reach it first)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

helLOOOOO spring!!

spring is here. until it snows next week... this is kansas.
but today, we will enjoy it!!
we walked outside on the porch and addox exclaimed,
"look mom! snow!"
it has been such a long winter my child has forgotten blooms on a tree.

Monday, March 21, 2011

feeding the ducks & geeses

spur of the moment sedgwick county park day... we went to the store and picked up some cheap bread for the pond birds, a not-so-cheap lunchable for addox (he gets them once in a bluemoon), and packed up the picnic backpack!

he made sure he covered the whole pond... didn't want any ducks left out

this bird should seriously be put on a watch list. it hissed and honked and screeched. add still fed it, i wanted to kick it.

a piece landed on the crazy bird's foot... add thought it was hilarious

i'm so in love with this little person

these geese were waay too close for moms comfort (but i took a pic of it anyway. don't judge.)


he was smiling at a new "friend," he makes like five every time we go to the park

he's perfect... sigh*


yup... whiplash

the BEST picnic backpack... has plates, linen napkins, mini-silverware... way handy christmas present from a couple yrs back! (thanks aaron & valori!)

dining in style

such concentration


Friday, March 18, 2011


my verse from #5

("Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs that it may benefit those who listen.” Ephesians 4:29 NIV)

has been hard for me to memorize, i haven't worked on it a whole lot. life has been hectic with all the flu business and school has been stressful as well. so i chose a shorter verse for this round, and will finish up EPHES 4:29 as well. i love my new verse, it is a wonderful reminder of what is really important.

my SSMT #6

"People look at the outside of a person, but the Lord looks at the heart." -1 Samuel 16:7

st. patty's day fun

addox' finished leprechaun trap!

add's cupcakes :)

he really likes the stirring part.

he's a good little kitchen buddy.

the car the leprechaun left him... it opens.
*angels sing*


he left me something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 leprecauns

have to get it just right.

horrible pic, but somehow the only one i got of the whole thing. boo.

have to have the ladder...

love using random stuff...

oh yes... come little green man

the set-up. it fell like 103 times.

we had a lot of fun yesterday. the little leprechaun never got caught, but he created mischief. he turned add's toilet water green (add thought it was absolutely hilarious). he left a car in the trap with some m&m's (but he took our money!), one in the snack cabinet, and one in his pj drawer. add had a blast coming up with how and when the little green man did it all. he is already scheming his trap for next year. it is going to be "huge."

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ten on Ten

because i do not have every piece of bedding in the house to launder, sink full of dishes, carpets to be swept, school as well as work to catch up on, or feeling only 30.2%, i thought i would take on a project today. that requires me to do something every hour. dang me for checking google reader this am and seeing this project.

i'm trying to work on my manual shooting, i thought this would be good practice.

one photo starting at 10am on the hour, every hour. yes? yes.

a little batmaning

bath time usually comes before 11. oh well.

cuddles after bath... mom's fave part of day

one last wheat thin before going in to school

jason came home early sick... sad he wasn't feeling good, but glad to see him!

yay... 6 loads of "sick" laundry

chill time after we picked add up from school. he was so happy to have jason come get him. he introduced him to each friend & tour of classroom. lol!!

leprechaun robot canvas project...

pizza night...

yum... except to sick mom

bonus pic bc jason is just so cute sleeping. you know he doesn't feel good when he is out before addox.

t.v has been on so much this week. oh well.

my pepsi that got me through the day. and $2 st. pattys day find.

my bed that i am soon to fall on. by my 5pm picture to be honest i was done (may be why my later pics should have just been taken auto) but i have a problem not finishing things so truck on. i have done tons of catching up today and i must have over-did it. that or this flu is just never going to go away. i am on day four and so incredibly tired of it. tired of all three of us feeling yucky & grumpy, luckily addox & jason's didn't hang on as long as mine, but no one is back to normal yet. addox is ready to have his mom back and i am ready to be back. please. soon. very. very. soon.