Saturday, January 29, 2011

spring tease & comic books

we had a fun day today! the weather was GORGEOUS, so we were out and about all day.

i had a baby shower to go to (so fun!), so while i was there the boys cruised the toy store. add found a clearance clone wars helmet (score!) and he has been dreaming of a black spiderman so he got one of those, too.

after the boys picked me up we went to the comic book store, and got some new reads. i have a wonder woman book, and although i am only halfway through, i must say it is a winner. addox read some of it with me, but then announced i am not as good a comic reader as his jase. well, fine. dumb boys.

i have been meaning to take some pictures of their nightly reading, i finally did tonight. addox decided to use the flashlight to read the comic. flashlights are his latest obsession.

we also spent some fun times blowing bubbles outside today. we are very much a cold-weather family, but even we are looking forward to spring!

Friday, January 28, 2011

happy birthday KS

today at Addox' school they celebrated KS birthday by dressing as cowboys/cowgirls. unfortunately, add's cowboy boots don't fit him anymore (insert crying fit when that was discovered). however his vest, cowboy shirt, and hat still do. well, fit enough to not show any skin, his shirt isn't big enough to stay tucked in anymore. his favorite part is the vest pockets. we went to run errands before school and he rode in the car with his hands in his pockets both ways. he thought of all sorts of things that cowboys might have put in there. when he got to school he and a friend were comparing cowboy hats to sees whose is bigger, i have a feeling they probably have all afternoon. poor pre-k teachers.

p.s. the second picture is what he thinks a mean cowboy looks like. i just wanted to kiss him.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

new do

this is the shortest addox has ever had his hair! while he does look very handsome (and much too old!), i think i miss his longish hair! regardless, he couldn't be any cuter!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

me. crumpling up the to-do list i constantly have running through my head. the one that keeps me up at night. the list that never gets fully completed. that makes me feel so overwhelmed at times that i cry, while feeling at the same time how i am one blessed girl to have my life. i allow myself to feel both.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

2nd siesta scripture memory team

(Romans 12:14) Bless those who persecute you; bless, and don’t curse.

persecute: to harass or punish in a manner designed to injure, grieve, or afflict.

bless: to ask divine favor for.

say what?! hmm... maybe i should have worked myself up to this one? it isn't like this is a new concept. but it is a lot easier to ignore what i'm supposed to do when i didn't just commit myself to learning this verse!

in my case, it seems no one persecutes me "just a little," it is always a lot. i have people in the past that have done horrible things to me. regardless, after time i have forgiven them. to clarify- for myself, so that i didn't have that eating away at me. i even can talk to them when the need arises without tearing their head off. doesn't mean i like them, but i honestly don't wish them ill. if they got run over by a bus i wouldn't celebrate or anything. i'd even pray for them. i'm talking after the forgiveness part, before i would probably drive the bus myself. not really. probably.

my struggle is when someone hurts someone i love, i just can't seem to get past it. my guard/attack rottweiler-self comes out. i am passionate about people close to my heart, it usually isn't a good idea to mess with them. Romans 12:14 says "bless those who persecute YOU" but i'm pretty sure that qualifies since there is extreme anger there. so i guess it is the same thing. dangit.

as i commit myself to this verse, it will be much harder than the last (like i said... maybe i should have waited on this one).

prayers welcome. i know i will be.

Friday, January 14, 2011

school fun

addox got some new "school" for his birthday. he has went to town on them this week, very fun/beneficial for so many snow/in-service days. thank you uncle aaron & aunt veevee! :)

1st notebook attempt w/ my crafty self

i made my 1st notebook yesterday for a friend, and it was mighty fun! give me modgepodge and and some vintage supplies and i am a happy girl.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2/52 pieces of me

i am memorizing one bible verse every two weeks, part of 2011 Siesta Scripture Memory Team.
this is my first one, deadline is the 15th, and this is how i have it down. it isn't word-for-word, but pretty close. i've had to call on it within the past two wks (funny how that worked out...), with tears running down my face. this photo is a reminder that sometimes instead of crying, complaining, screaming, or breaking down i should call on this verse. i'm working on it.

52 pieces of me

new project: one picture a week, centered around myself (wait, what? i guarantee addox will end up in this project!), and will (hopefully) be creative. ohhhhhh boy. i'm already behind... better get started.

week one:
my eyes are stated blue on my drivers license. but they aren't. i just said that because they really don't have an "official" color. they are more grey? green? i really don't know what they are... and they change sometimes. but they're me.

snow day(s) part 2

anyone else see his adorable freckles? i do. <3
he planted a tree.
uncle brett was teaching him how to make a good snowball. add used his knowledge to throw one at brett. HA

throwing snowball at mom in window
"hey addox, throw it at your mom!" thanks big brother
balance-the-snowball-on-your-head game
get him!
cold. very cold.

so i let addox play yesterday for 10 mins or so in the snow. it was SO cold that i was afraid to have him exposed more than that. i'm sure i was paranoid, after all he had about a million layers on and he played blocked from the wind. i stayed out long enough to take our self-portrait, the rest i took from inside. the good uncle he is, brett came over especially to take addox outside!

special pillow

my mom made addox the SOFTEST pillow/blanket. it is heaven to feel, it is a fleece but WAY softer than fleece. i want one for myself. she found it at walmart before they stopped selling fabric, and i really wish we could find more!!

it is super-neat, it is a blanket but has a pocket so that it will fold into it as a pillow!!! it will be perfect for roadtrips. add loves it, he is his gramma & momma's child, the more pillows and blankets the better. he has a queen size pillow, body pillow, small VBS pillow, spaceship pillow, and now his new pillow all on his bed. plus whichever holiday pillow made by his great-gram.

gramma is hands-down one of his favorite people. she has been a humongous part of his life, he is very blessed. i know that he will treasure this even more because of that reason. <3>

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

perfect indoor play

my sil told me about amazon subscriptions... they send you household items in bulk for a discounted price, and you set it up to have deliveries every month, two months, three, you get the idea. we got our first shipment in today. 50 rolls of (double) toilet paper and 16 jumbo rolls of paper towels. i didn't know it was going to be so much fun when i signed up for it, but i am glad i did!

addox was super impressed with the large number of items, and kept exclaiming "i've never seen so much toilet paper! oh my gosh!" he also enjoyed carrying it to various parts of our home for me (try storing this much toilet paper and paper towels in an apartment!), and gleefully dropping it when he got there.

last, but not least, playing in the boxes. which he is still doing this very minute. one is especially nifty because it has a "window" in the bottom of it. he has set them up as different "rooms," and uses the paper towels as doors. i had forgotten how much i loved playing in big boxes when i was a child... it is fun watching addox do the same thing today. he has informed me he will be sleeping in them tonight. why not?