Wednesday, November 30, 2011

just for fun

i've seen this around blogland... why not?
Obsessing over: getting a christmas tree, christmas sewing! 
baking, making my december daily, finding christmas books!

Working on: etsy minky orders, sewing all the christmas gifts, holiday wreath, december daily
Love: date nights, reading with addox, the mountains, crafting, coffee, car movies, shooting (yes, guns), vintage anything, cold weather, the smell of books

Dislike: most technology, seafood, orange pop, deep water, mean people, vulgar rap music, being late, make up, getting up early

Thinking about: our family, the best way to teach addox what christmas really is, how to make this month stress-free & fun, saving money

Anticipating: christmas, addox birthday, festivities!

  Watching: "hanna" -- jason's netflix pick

Drinking: cider! i will so miss it after the holidays

Wishing: to grow our family, more time with the husband, more opportunities to help others. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

diy pallet headboard

my brother *found* a pallet for me to make a headboard!
we (well, you know, him) replaced a couple boards, and sanded it (i did do this! power tools=fun).
then plopped it in jason & i's bedroom. 

so, to re-cap:
1) find an abandoned pallet
2) sand it/clean it (loottts of dust, people)
3) replace broken/cracked boards
4) throw in your room.

i don't think this counts as a tutorial.
oh well.

should we paint it?
i can't decide.

isn't it BEAUTIFUL?

flannel & minky top, flannel bottom

polka dots + minky?!

lovely ragginess


i love it against our pallet headboard!

love this... see the little wheat? go KS!

i probably should have waited until i had natural light tomorrow to take pictures, but i couldn't help it.
i've been so excited!

my mom made jason & i a new quilt for our bed... king size.
we went shopping for a ton of fabric, we cut it together, & then she went to work on it.
she cut, pieced, sewed, double sewed, triple sewed forever on this, and i am so grateful.
she has been sick for the past week or two, and still worked non-stop.
 it means more than words can say.
it is the most beautiful & luscious quilt.
we absolutely love it!

Friday, November 25, 2011

the treasure box

have you visited my etsy shop?

lots of minky and flannel burp cloths... vintage goodies... mixed media... hoop art.

soon to the shop:
sheet music & book pages wall art
re-stock vintage hankies
more minky and flannel burp cloths
hoop art
antique metal embroidery hoops
upcycled leg warmers/boot socks

enter current giveaway HERE
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happy treasure hunting!!!


DIY peg doll nativity

the other day we found a wooden nativity stable at target for $2.50.
i love the simplicity of it, and was thinking peg dolls for mary, joseph, & jesus so that addox could play with it, and not just be a decoration.
i already had the dolls and fabric/burlap, so only cost us really $2.50.
i searched it on pintrest for other ideas, too.

and here is ours!!



joseph still needs something a bit special.... maybe a twine belt?
i may add some shepherds or such, too.
most of our peg dolls i do not paint faces on, waldorf dolls didn't originally have faces so that kids imagination could run wild.
i have noticed that addox doesn't play with the ones we have faces on as much as the others, he isn't as limited.
peg dolls are fun & cheap, addox loves to paint his own.
he has a large array of super heroes and ninjas. :)

anywho, fun 30 minute minute project for cheap!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

happy thanksgiving

i don't feel i did my original photo a day for thankfulness... some things there just isn't a picture for, you know?
there is so much i am thankful for everyday.

a few things i did not mention...

ability to be a SAHM-- this is my job, calling, whatever you want to call it.
so thankful that we are able to do this for our family.

grace & forgiveness.

supplement income from home-- my website work i do while addox is school, helps pay those bills.
fresh food... our abundance of food... some days i catch myself getting irritated when something falls out of the refrigerator. 
seriously? some don't even have any. SHAME on me.

a solid marriage

a loving, honest, and faithful husband.
and he makes me laugh.
and is sometimes too cute for his own good.

my past that makes me truly & completely thankful for this marriage.

roof over our heads

addox running through the house, loud as can be. 
i know this will end far too soon... i will never be ready for that.

addox still holds my hand wherever we go, even in the house.
can we please freeze time?

the peaceful noises as i'm laying in bed, jason & addox asleep.

great teachers for addox

jason's stable business (as stable as any can be...)

our family of 3 with good health

being add's "best friend."

a country where i can believe, verbalize, and live any way i want to.

life experiences that have taught me how blessed we are, and those same experiences teaching me to love on & pray like crazy for others.
even those we don't know.
especially those we don't know.

a loving family
genuine friends

the sound of addox giggling.

a nice car to drive. a car period to drive.

movie dates.

couch cuddling.

creating/inspiring/crafting-- a huge part of who i am, i love continually learning and growing.
i've learned so much about myself through this. 


knowing that God watches out for addox far more than i know, in every way possible.

all of addox' fabulous role models.

our little peaceful mountain house.

with creamer.

strawberry pop in ball jars w/ white & red striped straws.
it makes me happy.


giveaway people

hop over here for your chance to win 

Snow in December

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

thankful for the simple things

i adore dough.
it is my favorite smell, and the kneading is therapeutic.
i would love to have lived in "the old days."
kneading dough, churning butter...
but since i don't i will just pretend!

jason brought up very pointedly the other night that i hadn't made home-made pizza in awhile, it is one of our favorites.
i made it a lot for awhile & then kind of just forgot about it.
i love making it, and it is so simple & yummy.

my gram's flour bin. her bins are my favorite things in my kitchen, she used them a ton & so do i.

cheese for the twerp.
pepperoni & 3 peppers for the adults.
.... pizza night is back!

p.s. i snuck in half wheat flour & addox still ate it. 

sick sillyness

we are past the i-want-to-cuddle-all-the-time stage (my fave),
 and now on the feeling-better-and-hyper-yet-still-sick stage. 
we ran out of quiet activities a long time ago, and i feel like i am constantly telling him to chill out.
so when he asked to take pics i obliged.
nova "sat" up in the chair and addox thought it was hilarious.

classic addox

tired little eyes :(

no lack of character here.

Monday, November 21, 2011

thankful today

today i am thankful that i am able to stay home with a sick addox.
he has pink eye (left eye-- not to be confused with his black right eye), and start of ear infections.
so we shall take the week off from school & swim lessons!
i don't like my baby to be sick, but i love the extra time with him.

i'm thankful that we had a kind doctor today.
thankful that we had a car to get there.
money to pay.
a cozy house and christmas music.

 and thankful that we have a beagle nurse in case he drops the marshmallows, used to bribe him with, following the eye drops.
who is now cuddled up with him on the blanket watching "bolt."
yes i bribe.

happy monday. 
cuddle with your babies.

guest posting !

guest posting at lovely jamie's today!!
check out my post & then the rest of her blog, she is supppperrr fun & sweet to boot!!!!!!!!!

Snow in December

Friday, November 18, 2011

thankful on paper

this week my "note" is to my one & only.
he is fun, total sweetheart, & incredibly goofy.
is a wonderful father.
is the absolute most private person, i absolutely love it.
decided to become a complete comics nerd at the age of 28ish
(and now it is a shared hobby with addox)
brought addox a ninja turtles movie on our 3rd/4rth-ish "dates."
works hard for us, & never complains.
supports me 100% in everything i do.
never lets me go to bed mad.
is the most level-headed person i know
 supports my crafting, thrift, & antique obsession hobbies.
loves me unconditionally.
annnddddd is the most handsome man on the face of the earth.
with the most gorgeous eyes.
and other really nice attributes that i should not mention publicly because his mother sometimes reads this blog (hi lisa!).
 just sayin.'

j & i had a starbucks "date" of sorts while add was in school this afternoon... <3

i love you mr. ragsdale

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

completed quilt


cutting: 2 hours
sewing together squares/batting: 2 hours
sewing together squares & then strips: 2 hours
sewing perimeter: 1hour
snipping to make the "raggy:" 2 hours