Sunday, June 17, 2012

mountain house

we had a total blast. we all agreed it was one of the best breck trips we've ever had, we just relaxed and soaked in the sun & fresh air. i cooked a lot of our meals ahead of time and froze them, then reheated in the beloved crockpot. jason said one of his favorite things about the trip was just hanging out at home & eating the meals we brought. that isn't to say we didn't enjoy our favorite "eats" while we were there, but we found a good balance (yay for thrifty vacations!). we also discovered a new place, a french bakery that was delicious! just ask addox... he loved it more than us i think!

we jumped rocks in the river, hiked around the forest, went to add's fave quirky book shop, walked around town, fed add's fish (yes is he is rather possessive), played at the parks, and other times did absolutely nothing except breathe in the air and relax. isn't that the best thing about a vacation? sitting on the porch in the morning & enjoying the silence is my favorite thing to do.

we also had friends come over for a day which was a good time. we so appreciate them packing up and coming up the mountain to have fun with us! lots of walking in town, some park play, hanging out and enjoyed a couple meals together. the kids had fun together, addox loved playing with the sweet girls!

there was lots of critters... add & i especially enjoyed listening to the chipmunks in the mornings. jason even caught sight of the fox once, but he didn't stick around. we also saw a couple mounds of.. ah... bear poo. we were really hoping to see one but no luck!
maybe next time?