Monday, August 29, 2011

soccer sunday

it amazes me how much addox changes in a short period of time.
it shouldn't, i mean, that is what kids do, right?
last summer our soccer skills were not the best... probably because mom can't kick straight and i was the one accompanying him to practice?
whatev, i tried my best.

we didn't put him in any sport this summer, we just had so much going on, it would have been impossible to go and make it worth it.
but that doesn't keep us from playing at home!
his dribbling skills are quite impressive and although he is still a ball-hog, he is pretty good at passing, as well!!

we absolutely, positively, cannot wait until we move next month, it will be wonderful having a "yard" (park) right out our backdoor!
one of us mentions just that at least once a day!

any photographer friends have advice on taking action shots? 
running boy + late evening light = yuck

good thing his cuteness makes up for it!

sweaty little boy that didn't want to quit playing. 

yup. over the fence. jason supervised as addox went around.
have a great week!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1st day of school

first day! in his new shirt from grammie & grandad.

everyone takes pictures with tractors, right?

mama's sweet baby

boy & his dog

"think batman!"

ornery to the core, this boy. <3

he wanted a picture that showed off his new shoes from gramma & grampa.

back in the groove already!!


his new backpack!!
umm, i think he was tired of posing? i don't blame him.

today went off without a hitch. no tears, no clinging. 
so thankful!

jason & i had to push to get addox back in the class we wanted, but we are SO thrilled that it worked out. 
i know for a fact that today would have been quite different if it hadn't.
plus, he is out of his speech program!
he came home with stories and a sugar high, hence the huge cupcakes someone brought for their child's birthday.
he didn't seem to mind!

great first day of school!!