Sunday, October 30, 2011

halloween "decor"

i long for a mantel to decorate... but until then i shall use my $15 antique window!!

my little hoop art ghost. slightly child-like art but who cares.

scrap fabric garland

pumpkin patch pumpkins!!

this year my obsession seems to be dollar tree crows.

love gourds

especially ugly ones

until addox is older i don't want to do scary decorations.
he helped me pick out crows for our wreath, and he has one for himself.
he loves the pumpkins.
i'm not into blood & gore, i hope he never is!

we are carving pumpkins with family tonight, he is so excited.
i have a handful of halloween art projects to do with him tomorrow, i can't wait!!

happy halloween people

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


just realized i never posted this.
soooooooo.... walter's wonderful pumpkin patch.

we had a blast!
absolutely beautiful weather, it was perfect.

the boys pumpkins were 18 lbs and 19 lbs.
mine are just cool.
we went on the day that you can load up one person and get all the pumpkins he/she can carry for $15.

we came home covered in dirt from head to toe.
i heart fall.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

a crow's story

since a previous post that included my "wreath" there have been a few requests for tutorial!

way simple, you need:

thrift store frame (mine was $.25 from dav)
2 dollar tree crows
chicken wire (hardware stores, atwoods)
glue gun
staple gun
orange spray paint
black spray paint
initial (optional)

1) remove backing & glass from frame

2) spray paint frame orange, let dry
(if you want solid orange prime first, i liked the black showing through)

3) spray paint letter orange, let dry

4) lightly spray across letter with black to give the "burnt" 

5) staple wire across back fo frame, pull tight!!

6) crows have wire on their feet, secure on top of frame to backing wire

7) glue initial to the desired wire/frame spot.
the end.

Friday, October 14, 2011

the mean parent

i don't ever share anything real personal on here.
it is mostly just family updates and pictures.
i don't like sharing private issues at all, but lately have been seeing different blog posts that really people can relate to.

but i've never seen any about split parenting, "broken" homes.
and it kind of pisses me off.
blogland is either all traditional families or don't talk about it if they aren't.
and i guess i don't ever think about ourselves as a broken home, even though other people probably do.
we are healthy, happy.
but we are different.

addox has jason and i as his rock & loves us to pieces.
he also loves his dad & his time with him on weekends.
he doesn't know any different & i am so very thankful for that.
i ackowledge there will be times later when it won't be as easy.
however i feel like we have given him the base to be able to deal with it and not be negatively effected.
everything we do is for him.

although i wouldn't give it up for anything in the world., i'm sick of being the mean parent.
everyone is more fun than me.
he has SO many loving grandparents, uncles, aunts & he is so BLESSED.
but i'm the one that is with him 24 hours a day, disciplining every minute of it.
he WILL be a respectful, kind, lord-worshiping child and adult.
i don't care what it takes.
even if he yells "i don't like you!" and breaks my heart.
luckily half the time he says it he is hugging me at the same time, so i know he doesn't mean it.

today he did something that he has never done before and something that has to be addressed and punished heavily for.
lucky me, i'm the one who got to hand that out.
later he gets to go to his dad's where he has a blast and does really fun things.
i'm glad.
and i know he gets disciplined there, and i'm glad.
but it will be hard letting him go when we haven't had a "good" day & i'm currently the bad guy.

the life-changing, character-building moments and situations happen here.
with me.
i couldn't stand it if i wasn't that person & i wouldn't have it any other way but it is hard.

i've seen so many split parents get into competition of who can spoil their child more, just so the child with love them more than the other.
but that's not best for the child.
although i get it, and can see how that road can be taken so very easily, i refuse to do that.

it will probably only get harder, but i know i am doing the right thing.
deep down he knows the reason i do all this is because i love him more every moment that passes.
especially the hard days.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


the best birthday present i could ever ask for.

linking up here.

school pumpkin patch day

addox has been excited about the pumpkin patch field trip for days.
but not because of pumpkins.
he has been dying to go on a school bus, and he finally got his wish!

this has nothing to do with the pumpkin patch. but i love it & thought i'd share. not many people come to our door, so i will just put into blog-land. welcome.

p.s. fellow bloggers- does anyone have problems with their pictures being blurry on posts? any way to fix it?