Monday, May 10, 2010

Mama's Day

Other than Addox birthday I think this is my favorite holiday. Get to celebrate my precious baby... This year was the first time he really knew what it meant and "picked out" my presents, or made them. My favorite is the wonderful pot I have sitting on my porch. My own awesome mother had him plant whatever plants he wanted... he chose two marigolds, and one full-size tomato plant!! At the moment they are living happily in one pot... later, not so sure! I do know we both will be thrilled if it produces even one tomato! I am sure that later Mama's days will be awesome... but this one is my favorite so far!


Andrea said...

lol that is sooo cute!

GeeBee said...

He is really quite smart in plant choices. The marigolds will keep the bugs off the tomato. I'm sure his Uncle Aaron thinks he gets his "smarts" from him!