Sunday, September 26, 2010

what i REALLY do at bedtime...

so one night, for some reason, addox mayhem was wide awake after bedtime. for 3 hours. the time these pics were taken- 11pm. he goes to bed at 830. we of course knew he was awake, we could hear him reading and playing in bed. around 11, we thought maybe he was asleep because it had got quiet.

but no, he had taken out his stickers and very carefully decorated his chest. when he got his dog bite a couple weeks ago i had cut a night-night shirt so it wouldn't hit his bite. this was very handy for his sticker-decorating. yes, i did play with him and got decorated myself, because we were all still awake, might as well. jason played camera-man.

and finally, at 1120, he fell asleep. on the floor.

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