Tuesday, October 26, 2010

pumpkin patch

a friend recommended a wonderfully amazing pumpkin patch called Walter's. a 30 minute drive, but so very worth it!! this fall family was in heaven... addox is begging to go back.

our collection!

we had such a wonderful day. addox says his favorites were the barrel train, and a slide that went through a hill that he and jason went on. unfortunately, my pics of that one didn't turn out. will just have to get some next year!!! :) <3


Andrea said...

I think we'll be going to that one next year. Our home school group went, but I was still too out of it to go.
I was disappointed that Cox didn't have much to offer, and that the pumpkins weren't off of the vine. I enjoy authenticity. It would be worth the drive!

Jess said...

we did cox last year, and it was fine, but i definitely will go to walter's every year now. it is more expensive, but weekdays are a dollar cheaper per person. we got lucky because the day we went it was $15 for as many pumpkins as one person could carry. so we loaded jason up. took our own lunch, they don't have any dumb rules about that. their bakery, however, is delicious. and all kinds of pumpkin dishes and meals. it just has tons to do. your kids will love it. :)