Friday, June 10, 2011

go fish!

i had a crappy morning.
among other things, a 4-yr that doesn't have his listening ears on before even 9 a.m is not the best way to start the day.
then addox wanted to play go fish.
and i didn't really want to, not really in the best mood to put it lightly.
but we did, in our pajammies, and i'm very glad.

the little soul who can frustrate me so much saves me at the same time.

any time either of us had to say "go fish" he cracked up.
that kid knows joy.
i could learn a lot of lessons from him.

i <3 you addox mayhem, you make bad days ridiculously better.


Riss said...

You take such great pictures!!

Jess said...

oh thank you! i got this camera last summer which has been both awesome and frustrating to learn, and far from mastered! but having the best little subject in the world helps. ;) and you have two, lucky mama!