Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1st day of school

first day! in his new shirt from grammie & grandad.

everyone takes pictures with tractors, right?

mama's sweet baby

boy & his dog

"think batman!"

ornery to the core, this boy. <3

he wanted a picture that showed off his new shoes from gramma & grampa.

back in the groove already!!


his new backpack!!
umm, i think he was tired of posing? i don't blame him.

today went off without a hitch. no tears, no clinging. 
so thankful!

jason & i had to push to get addox back in the class we wanted, but we are SO thrilled that it worked out. 
i know for a fact that today would have been quite different if it hadn't.
plus, he is out of his speech program!
he came home with stories and a sugar high, hence the huge cupcakes someone brought for their child's birthday.
he didn't seem to mind!

great first day of school!!

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Anonymous said...

Cupcakes on the first day of school??? I'm sure that helped to make the day a good day! lol