Friday, September 09, 2011

jr x2 reception

our reception was planned to be as casual as possible, and people to just have fun!
i think we succeeded.
peole enjoyed the lake, maybe even a few braved the water?
at least with their toes.
friends mixed with family, family mixed with family.

we had a huge bbq served around one, home-made ice cream & toppings bar around 3.
everyone left full!!

mima with alllll the family!!!

mima with all the grand & great- grandkids

my cousin chris & I.
we go way back... ;)

big wheelin' addox

and.... my hubby riding his skateboard
told you this thing was casual!

isn't this banner awesome?!
my bestie made them, she simply rocks.

this is the face j gets whenever he tries to take random pics of me

nifty nut house old-fashioned candy
sorry parents of small children

my bunting

j decided to string the cups of candy out... but he had a pattern for them that was very specific.
look at that concentration.

aunt connie, mom & i made these poms to hang from ceiling

jason refuses to take a normal picture

his mom telling him to be normal

me telling him to be normal


mom, kim, mima & I made all the stands

don't worry, he is just pretending.
i've never seen my husband drunk.

our guest book that i made last-minute
it is howi roll

brother cheesin

two girls that have been with me through thick & thin

love them more than i can ever express

hey bestie, why does your charlie's angel gun look like a fish?
and what happens when you run to the end of the earth?


i'm such a good wife.
i offered to catch him & then promptly kill him if he fell & ruined our party.

want to know what i do with him when he won't take a normal picture?

ohhhhhh finally.

there were SO many people that we did not get pictures with, ultimate fail!
we got so busy just talking & trying to spend time with everyone.
good excuse to do it again?
someone else needs to get married, folks!

we love each & every one of you that came out and shared your holiday with us, and even those of you who didn't.
love ya!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a beautiful party! I love the pic of "drunk hubs". hehe...too funny. You have beautiful friends and family. Love the decor! Congrats again!!

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