Thursday, April 05, 2012


i am thankful today....

for a little boy who cracks me up 100 times a day & makes my heart melt just as many times with his sweetness.

for a husband who is beyond awesome.

for time coming up with lots of family, & a cute little baby girl that i get to finally meet!

for people put in my path at exactly the right time that can genuinely relate when i feel like i'm the only one.
this truly amazes me.

for hope.

for a 3-day weekend.

for being 2 days away from coffee.

for grace. 

for very sweet friends.

for times like this with my little man.

p.s. if you would like, say a little prayer for our easter grass. it is barely sprouting, and we are two days from the big day. i guess a week isn't enough. maybe we should have fertilized them. maybe i should have thought of that before now.
my bad.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Oh so lovely. Praying for your grass ;)