Tuesday, November 06, 2012

new news....

something has been in the works for awhile... over a year, actually. the idea kept nagging at me, and nagging at me. i kept thinking i don't have the time, i don't have the resources, i don't know how to start something like this, it might fail, etc etc. how annoying of me. and selfish. pshhh.

somewhere along the way i met a new, super sweet instant soul friend & brought it up. she was encouraging, and offered to help when she could. the idea kept nagging... so i stopped, gave in, and so happy i did.

sewn love ks begins, and hopefully continues. we create, collect, & distribute baby blankets and items to pregnancy crisis centers/organizations. i will take our first happy pile this week, hooray!!

i've been in a similar situation as some of the girls & women that seek these centers, but i was blessed with support from family and friends. not everyone is. some of these women have few or no people that support them, some are kicked out, most are confused, sad & scared. wouldn't it be nice to know SOMEONE cared? even if it was someone you never met? to know that the blanket your little one is wrapped up in has been prayed over?

i'm already working with one sweet woman at a center, and touring another this month. this past weekend we put up posters around town & got so much encouragement and love. it is SO nice to experience this & see there are people that aren't consumed only with themselves and willing to help others.

want to help? spread the word! go like our facebook page. share it. donate your hand-made items (i will come collect it! or have an address where you can send!) you can also donate fabric and we will do the rest!

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you had asked about story's crib on marigoldroad!
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