Thursday, November 25, 2010

at all times give thanks

this thanksgiving wasn't like normal. due to yucky viruses we were not able to go to my mom's, major bummer. nonetheless, we had a fun, nontraditional holiday. :)

lazy breakfast, went to "tangled" in 3-d (think addox isn't quite ready for 3-d, glasses came off quite a bit), sang some thanksgiving tunes, and made our family turkey project. we also named him. so, meet "JAJ" who is made up of the first letters of our names. after going thru AJJ, JJA, & JAJ, JAJ was the winner. it did not go quite as i envisioned, i am pretty sure there is no turkey as skinny, deformed, and silly-looking as ours. for this, i love JAJ even more! poor turkey.


oh, and yes, we are standing on the kitchen table. sometimes you just have to.

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