Tuesday, December 07, 2010

engagement story

i think we had an engagement day, not just night! it was wonderful, from beginning to end! it was breckenridge tree lighting day, we started out painting ornaments at paint ready & fire. from there we went to the cookies and cocoa, and followed santa to the tree! there was also a hot air balloon in the back of a truck that shot fire in the air. random idea but very fun. addox says it was better than seeing santa. haha!! then we saw the tree light up, breckenridge is such a snowy old-fashioned town. i absolutely love it.

so to the fun part... we had put in our names at eric's for dinner, and jason mentioned we had time for a carriage ride before they called our names. i had been begging him each time we saw one for the last two years to do it! i love horses and carriage in snow is just so romantic! i should have known then. halfway through the ride he popped the question, & i (think) said yes. i don't really remember, i think i was too surprised. hopefully i did. it was perfect, all the way around. gorgeous horse-drawn carriage (one of them tried to get into my backpack for treats while we were taking pic), christmas music playing, cuddled under blankets, and addox merrily talking to the driver and horses (he loved the ride) oblivious to what jason was doing. haha!

if you ask addox about it all, he will tell you that mommy's ring means addox, jase, and mommy are married. he is precious and the sweetest soul in the world.

did i mention when we got home that night we saw a shooting star? we did... sigh... <3<3<3>

officially engaged!!! <3 the end. <3

p.s. i will never make fun of a sappy bride-to-be again.


Andrea said...

i love all the pictures!

beautiful story, beautiful family, beautiful ring (yeah, how 'bout that pic?!)!

oh, and cute hat! ;)

Jess said...

thank you!!

haha, i can't get a good pic of the ring, i don't know how to do it right! but i did forget to put in blog. oops!

this really cool (soon to be cooler w/ dreads) designer made the hat!

Kim said...

Yeah! ahhh......mushy mushy. it should be a made for tv movie. :)