Sunday, May 22, 2011

my new favorite finds!

the coliseum has a wonderful, humongous flea market almost every month.
yesterday was the first time i went & i'm def going back!!
looking at things was half the fun, and i found some awesome stuff!

this is my pretty close to favorite purchase.
(tie with paper dolls and hankies below)
it is a handmade tablecloth, and it is truly lovely, my kitchen lighting is horrid and my skills are a bit lacking in the pics, but i absolutely love it.
i've been looking for tablecloths but couldn't find any that weren't ugly plus being usually $20.
until yesterday.
she wanted $3 for it, but there was a small stain (that came out in wash) so i got it for $1.

she offered this one to me as well, for $1.
who was i to say no?

wonder how many hours it took to make them?

made by the talented kyle who also has a pretty awesome blog :)

i got 32 vintage hankies for $3.... SCORE!

i love paper dolls... and got a shoebox FULL for $5.
bought them from a guy that said he got them from an estate sale & never even looked in box.
thank you sir.
this lady was HAPPAAAY!

the clocks hands are metal.

i like getting books addox and i can read together, and different than the children books now.
and cheaper. $2
(not that there is anything wrong with them!!! love them all!!)

neat activity books! $.50


Drea said...

awesome finds! i'm so ready for next month's!

Jess said...

thank you!! so am i! i didn't even get to half of it sunday. can't wait to go back.