Friday, May 20, 2011

peanut butter + toilet paper roll+addox= birdfeeder

addox really likes birds.
a black bird in a parking lot is a joy to him, he always says how pretty their feathers are.

so i thought we would try to attract some real birds to our porch & get messy in the process!

when i was thinking messy project i wasn't thinking he would try to "help" and bring the birdseed bag inside.
and spill 2/3 of it all over the floor.


Drea said...

ha. i love it when that happens. ;)

lindad said...

This is pretty cute. I have a picture of Justin when he "fed" the dog and poured a whole bag of dog food in a cereal bowl. Fun memories!

Jess said...

oh, the joys of being the mom who cleans it up! :0)))