Sunday, July 31, 2011

that's a big ol' gorge

the new mrs. jason ragsdale


we don't live in michigan.

or mass.

or minnesota.... but addox seriously would have taken a pic with each one if i let him!!

and it is pretty cool that there is a flag for each state along the bridge.

crazy lady show

she was pretty funny

next up... magic show!

magician makes him wife float...
 (fun fact, floating lady is also crazy lady above)

panning for gold

we did bring back a few little pebbles! ;)

addox wanted to take pic but then got shy.... silly boy

that's one cute kid & a hot hubby!

old west gun show!

boys with the actors :)

mom & add riding the carousel before we leave for the day...

i probably shouldn't take pictures when i, myself, am going up & down on a lovely horse.....

THIS is where we are from... thank goodness we found it!


Anonymous said...

You're from Kansas? My hubs is from Arkansas. You're practically neighbors! ;0) Beautiful pictures, beautiful family.

Thank you so much for the encouraging words on my blog! XXXOOO

Anonymous said...

Where arrrrrrrrre you dear girl?