Friday, March 02, 2012


this time of year makes me happy.
i love march... i love st patty's day.
it means leprechaun traps, lots of green, and i got to put up my st patty's day wreath! 
february was pretty good too... lots of time off school, and even some pretty days!
making cookies one day he had off school... yes, we stayed in pajama's most of day.

boo on bluriness.

she has a birthday tomorrow... along with her brother & two sisters.

yesterday addox had two friends knock on his door to ask if he could play... he was so excited.
i love seeing him grow and mature, it is bittersweet.
mostly sweet.

happy & content with the increased quiet bible time i've had recently.
happy to see add's faith grow.

i got to spend quality time with my mama today, we hit up hen feathers, hobby lobby, and a new yarn shop.

i'm happy because i get a date day with my hubby tomorrow, our 3 year "together" anniversary was last week.
it seems so much longer than that... in a good way!

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Riss said...

I'm so glad you're happy. You deserve it and you have a beautiful life!