Thursday, December 22, 2011

dd- december 21

tonight was our 1st christmas of this year!

we exchanged gifts w/ my bestie & had a blast.
she & addox had way too much fun playing his new rock 'em sock 'em game!

she got to FINALLY open her quilt i made, i have been dying to give it to her since i made it a couple months ago!
i'm so pleased she likes it! :)
handmade gifts are so lovely... she had a "besties" cookbook printed, along with some knitted dishcloths.
mustard and gray... my favorite colors!
they are decoration for now, i'm not sure if i can make myself scrub anything with them!
they're gorgeous.

SO blessed to have a friend that is just like family.

every year we sleep under the tree one night and watch a christmas movie.
addox gathered every blanket and pillow, including his sleeping bag, and we made a huge bed on the floor.
addox chose to watch "santa paws," and finish off the yummy cinnamon rolls that his lisa made for us all.
somehow addox ended up eating most of them. :)

j conked out early

i think every part of my body is sore today, unlike someone else i know that chickened out and went upstairs.
 our floor is not very comfortable.
addox and i are hardcore.
even if he did take my blanket around 5am and i feel like i didn't sleep a wink.
i ended up with a small pillow and one blanket.
well worth it!!!


Judy Wise said...

hi Jess,
The gel I use on the paper bag journal is gel medium (Golden). xo

Nicole said...

ahh! kinda of am sad christmas is all over. i guess that is part of the magic of the season. always wishing for a bit more.