Thursday, March 24, 2011

i'm here too

i've come across a couple blogs lately that pointed out that we mamas are usually not in the scrapbook.
although i love taking pictures and learning more with my new snazzy camera, i don't want addox to look back and ask where i was.
i've taken a lot of pictures this spring break of addox, and addox and some of his fave people. which is awesome, but, i want to remember the little times we had together, too.
even if i'm in my lazy-scrunch-gel-do.
so, i slapped that baby into auto mode and timer.
we had fun playing the fish game this afternoon, he beat me twice but i won the third one.
he can be a sore loser... hence no fourth game.
we are working on that.

i'm participating in this link party blog thing.

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