Monday, March 21, 2011

feeding the ducks & geeses

spur of the moment sedgwick county park day... we went to the store and picked up some cheap bread for the pond birds, a not-so-cheap lunchable for addox (he gets them once in a bluemoon), and packed up the picnic backpack!

he made sure he covered the whole pond... didn't want any ducks left out

this bird should seriously be put on a watch list. it hissed and honked and screeched. add still fed it, i wanted to kick it.

a piece landed on the crazy bird's foot... add thought it was hilarious

i'm so in love with this little person

these geese were waay too close for moms comfort (but i took a pic of it anyway. don't judge.)


he was smiling at a new "friend," he makes like five every time we go to the park

he's perfect... sigh*


yup... whiplash

the BEST picnic backpack... has plates, linen napkins, mini-silverware... way handy christmas present from a couple yrs back! (thanks aaron & valori!)

dining in style

such concentration


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