Friday, March 18, 2011

st. patty's day fun

addox' finished leprechaun trap!

add's cupcakes :)

he really likes the stirring part.

he's a good little kitchen buddy.

the car the leprechaun left him... it opens.
*angels sing*


he left me something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 leprecauns

have to get it just right.

horrible pic, but somehow the only one i got of the whole thing. boo.

have to have the ladder...

love using random stuff...

oh yes... come little green man

the set-up. it fell like 103 times.

we had a lot of fun yesterday. the little leprechaun never got caught, but he created mischief. he turned add's toilet water green (add thought it was absolutely hilarious). he left a car in the trap with some m&m's (but he took our money!), one in the snack cabinet, and one in his pj drawer. add had a blast coming up with how and when the little green man did it all. he is already scheming his trap for next year. it is going to be "huge."


Drea said...

that is so stinking cute. i never even said anything about st. patrick's day to my kids yesterday. how lame!
i think it's because it always falls right in the middle of birthday madness...but what you did was so fun and so cute. i may have to try to do better next year!

Jess said...

thank you! you know me... i have to have a wreath and activities for all holidays! plus, i love green. ;) the trap was easy, inexpensive, & fun, you should def try it next year!