Thursday, July 21, 2011

mr. & mrs. jason ragsdale, people!

first off, i'd like to thank everyone who called, texted, messaged, prayed, & sent good thoughts our way this past week.
i know the way we did our wedding wasn't "conventional," but we had addox attending & God.
it was perfect for us & we thank you for your support!

the day went exactly as we wanted.
no one came up while we were doing our vows, & we had the cool breeze & water drops hitting us the whole time.
several people have asked if addox really understands what is going on & what it means.
he doesn't know it like others see it because in his world jason has always been there, he doesn't remember a time when he wasn't.
i thank God everyday for that.
the first time we approached the subject with him we started off with something along the lines of  "it means we all will always be together."
he looked at us like we were idiots & with a "duh" look on his face.

i married my best friend and i could not be happier.
when i met him i didn't really want to date anyone.
i'd just been in a horribly unhealthy relationship & i didn't want to risk myself, but especially addox.
jason changed my thinking with all of that.
and even though he gave my two-year-old a jalapeno on one of our first "dates,"  and even though that same child screamed for an hour straight on one of those first "dates," we still had several dates after that.
we were made for each other, that is for sure.
God took a scared-to-death single mom & a well-established bachelor and threw us together.
so blessed that he did.
we have a blast together & would happily be joined-at-the-hip if we could!!
the hike
we hiked 3 miles up to continental falls, which is about two miles away from the edge of boreas pass (which is the mountain off breck).
if you had a jeep, & had it there (which was our problem because ours was sitting here in ks), you can go up to just .5 miles away from the falls and do that bit of a hike.

we didn't.
and the prius didn't like the rocky "road" up.
so we did the whole shabang.
it wasn't an easy hike at all, but luckily it is beautiful colorado so it wasn't even hot.
addox did WONDERFUL.
he got held i think once for just a couple minutes then kept trucking.
on the way down it rained on us, a cold rain, but it was kinda romantic & addox loved it.
we took the road down because we thought it would be quicker.
less than 1/4 a mile away from our car a kind family in a truck offered a ride in the bed of their truck.
we said yes.

here are some pics of our hike!

one of the numerous little bridges we had to cross. some were just a log.

made it!

guess who slipped? guess what mama brought an extra shirt but NOT pants?  moving on.

this is where our wedding pics begin... 

first married group hug!

testing... testing...

ignore that tree branch. j says he can photoshop it out. until then use your imagination, k?

ignore the flat hair. it looked way better 2 hrs and three miles before this. don't judge me.

married, folks!!!!!!!!


Drea said...

yea for pics! gorgeous scenery! congratulations, ragsdales!

Jess said...

thank you, thank you!! yay for july weddings! ;)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! CONGRATS!!!!!

Jess said...

thank you, jamie!!! :))

Riss said...

We are so happy for you and Jason. We love you guys!

Jess said...

thank you so much. we love you all, too! <3