Sunday, July 10, 2011


j & i went to the dallas area for a work-ish type trip this weekend.
it was so much fun.
seriously, tons of driving & we still made it fun. 
i absolutely love this man that i'm marrying in less than a week.

aren't we cute?

 since there is an ikea in frisco & since i have ALWAYS wanted to go to one, we went!

it was huge!!
we only covered the downstairs & i can't wait to go again.
 we agreed some of the furniture & such wasn't the best quality, but ikea still has so much great stuff  for cheap!!!!!! 
there were SO many people... just scurrying down every walkway possible, and you had to go through the whole downstairs (oh man, what a pity) to get to check out.
it was awesome.
i meant to take more pictures but i only got a few inside.

we also may or may not have kinda played hide & seek once.
that possible picture will stay in our own library...

jason bought me this yellow-green lampshade that i oh-my-goodness-please-please-please totally fell in love with & a couple other small items.

i also wanted the yellow bags, the one that you are only supposed to use while shopping & then return at the counter.
but Jesus says don't steal so i didn't.
but then something glorious happened.

we saw this huge cool building/structure a little ways away that said dr. pepper on it, and we went to see what it was.
as we got closer we realized it was a ballpark, so not as exciting as we thought.

but then.
i look over.
and there is a yellow ikea bag blowing across the empty parking lot!
jason chased it & i jumped out and got it.
it was meant to be. 
  it could be argued that i still should have returned it.... but it wasn't even by the store so.... i didn't.

numerous wonderful memories with the soon-to-be.
1st ikea experience.
awesome trip.
the end.


Anonymous said...

Yay for yellow bags! :0) I'm loving the silly pic you posted.
Ikea seems super wonderful... sadly, I've never set foot in one! I must live under a rock!

Jess said...

thank you!! we must have shared the rock because i hadn't either, frisco is the closest one (4 1/2 hours) to us. i heard people talk of it, & checked out their site once. shipping was horrendous though, so i was so excited to actually be able to go!!! :))

Anonymous said...

Do you live in Norcal? Or SoCal? Or Nevada? :0)

Jess said...

we live in ks!! ;) those places sounds so much more interesting, though....