Tuesday, February 15, 2011

bike outting

after school today i decided that we would play hooky from laundry and spend the afternoon outside instead! it was wonderful! add just took off, it is fun to see how much stronger he has become since last year. i don't have to help him anymore for sure! i may have to take up running, my legs hurt from trying to keep up today! we rode/walked about a couple miles. we took the path down the road to the pond, then around it to the park. then came back. he was so thrilled to be outside!

proud bikerider

freedom from indoors!

weird, i know. but i really like the lightpoles around here.

addox likes the huge sidewalks because he can ride ahead of mom and still be legal

almost to the park!!

... i missed the picture of him going across the bridge

the pond with the "geeses"

his legs got a great workout today

this was some pretend game he was playing, it is fun to see his brain work.

despite the snow, it really was beautifully warm(er) outside!


Kim said...

the one with the tree. crop it in a bit tighter, but still leave him on the left side of the photo. that would be an awesome picture blown up. The almost to the park pic is great to. crop off a bit of the right so balance it out. So cute. Boy, wish nolan could have went out and played. hopefully it will still be nice friday-monday. he doesn't have school either of those days.

Jess said...

thanks for the advice. :)

addox doesn't have school thursday-monday, short week!