Friday, February 18, 2011


i noticed when we got out of the car yesterday addox had his little etch n' sketch (thanks gramma & mima!) and was drawing while slowly going up our stairs and walking to our door. when we got inside i realized what he was doing.

addox has always loved maps. he learned a long time ago what they were, that water was blue, land was green, etc. he loves our "maps" (gps's) in the cars. jason's is built in, mom's isn't so fancy so he always wants me to take it. lucky for him i get lost a lot, so we frequently use it.

add was making a map from the car to the door. he drew the turns, stairs, and buildings. even some of the neighbors doors. i thought it was awesome, he has always been creative but lately it is a more "mature" creative, i guess? i absolutely love watching his mind work and creativity develop.

i wish i had taken pictures of him coming up to the door, but i was loaded with groceries at the time! so, the ones of him finishing up will have to do.

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