Wednesday, February 02, 2011

ps3'n it

so addox just recently started playing jason's ps3- sunday- to be exact. they saw a batman game saturday so jason researched it and they went back sunday to buy it. it has become the thing to do every night.

i do not play video games, too many buttons, too much effort. i'd rather scrapbook. or read. or bake. or take pictures of the boys playing it. but add wanted me to play tonight so i did, and he had to show me how. seriously? 4 year old learned in 3 days how to use the million buttons, and had to teach his mom. i wasn't a good student though, i died. then he took the controller away. i guess i am a lost cause?

but i do enjoy watching the boys play, they coach each other. add usually jumps up, down, and around while he advises jason what to do. occasionally addox tries to steal the controller. or, he sits on jason's shoulders and "tickles" his head. addox thinks this is hilarious.

btw, when i was taking the picture with add on his shoulders, jason said "this is going to be blogged tomorrow, isn't it." awwwww, my honey knows me so well. he gave up the fight long ago, i heart him.

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