Tuesday, February 08, 2011

sick. go away.

addox is a pretty healthy kid. but the last two days have been an exception. his temperature actually got up to 104.3 this morning. SCARY. he has only had such a high temperature once before, when he was about 1 1/2.

i will never get used to my baby being sick. i hate everything about it. he is miserable and i would do anything to take that away. and he fights his medicine whenever he has to take any. he actually is doing better this time, it isn't as bad as when he was younger. i used to hold him down while he was kicking and screaming like he was going insane. it still gets so frustrating though. and i feel horrible because i'm forcing it on him. i know i am doing it for his own good, and so does he, but it doesn't make it better for either of us. i just gave him a dose, now he is asleep on my lap. poor baby...

i usually hold off on medicine unless necessary. no, i don't think it is going to harm him for life, but i also think it is best to hold off unless his body needs help fighting the "sick" as he calls it. today he needed it. a combination of tylenol and ibuprofin is what is helping knock down the temp. but it is still yo-yoing.

i hate hearing his little croaky voice ask "is my sick gone, mom?" like if i say yes it will just all go away. i wish i had that power.

but i am also so, so thankful that i am able to take care of him. wouldn't trade this job for the world.

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