Sunday, October 02, 2011

new house!

(if that isn't an ornery look, i don't know what is.)

i now do not go crazy every single day anymore due to feeling cramped and too much energy in a small space.
still go crazy, just not because of that.
regardless, i felt sad to leave our old apartment, it was SUCH a blessing.
addox and i came from a baaaaaad place before that, one of those places that was on a "borderline" part of town, looked nice from outside, office talked it up.
6 months in a guy got murdered above us.
that's another story & not one i'm fond of.
we came here and loved our little town and place instantly, and still do.
it was a beautiful apartment and just right for us then, but we have outgrown it for sure!!!

now we have more than doubled our space,  gloriooousssss!!!!
addox loves that it is two levels, he has always wanted stairs.
the park is literally our back yard.
and we are at the back of the property, so we are usually the only ones here, even at night for some reason.
it is SO quiet.
TONS of storage for this organization psycho mom.
and i have a craft room!
and jason will have a weight room!!!
and, drumroll..... each of us has our own sink.
this is a happy family, people!!

it isn't completely ideal.
i'd love to have a backyard that we didn't have to share with others.
i'd love a garden.
a garage would be great.
a basement.
we would love to own our dream house in kansas right now, but we have other priorities first.
for right now, we are all happy, feeling incredibly blessed, and love this new special place.

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Anonymous said...

A park in the yard? Couldn't ask for more! Addox looks thrilled! So happy for you. And look at you, already decorating the door! :0)