Sunday, October 30, 2011

halloween "decor"

i long for a mantel to decorate... but until then i shall use my $15 antique window!!

my little hoop art ghost. slightly child-like art but who cares.

scrap fabric garland

pumpkin patch pumpkins!!

this year my obsession seems to be dollar tree crows.

love gourds

especially ugly ones

until addox is older i don't want to do scary decorations.
he helped me pick out crows for our wreath, and he has one for himself.
he loves the pumpkins.
i'm not into blood & gore, i hope he never is!

we are carving pumpkins with family tonight, he is so excited.
i have a handful of halloween art projects to do with him tomorrow, i can't wait!!

happy halloween people


Anonymous said...

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeen my crafty, crow and gourd loving friend!

Nicole said...

LOVE the window and the fabric garland.

So perfectly adorable!

xoxo from china

Anonymous said...

love the window and especially love the fabric garland! and your crow, i would just call a RAVEN, I'm from Baltimore.