Wednesday, October 12, 2011

breck in october

 is beautiful.

home, sweet home...

at our entrance... isn't it pretty?

in town, behind main

my fave pic from the trip

it was a short trip, but so thankful we were able to get away.
we got to spend some time with a special family in denver, and later some time with our fun breck neighbors.
did a lot of walking around town, and spent a lot of time just at home relaxing and watching it snow.

the BEST shop in the world

this is how i found them when i came out of marigold heaven

magical scraps is a great little shop, unique fabrics and they make adorable stuff.

addox' favorite place to eat-- bubba gumps, he loves the shrimp and hush pups. so do we.

on one of our walks, writing his name...

BOO! he wrote it about 4 times down the side of the road to scare people.

jason always says i put the worst pictures of him on the blog. so, i will add this one to even things up. you're welcome.

cool river bliss

the most wonderful coffee shop/bakery in the world

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add's main request was to go to this book shop, it is stacked floor to ceiling with used books. 
  unfortunatelyhe was closed both times we went by, he is a bit eccentric. 
his shop is awesssooommmeeee. 
we went to another bookstore instead and addox found a book he liked. 
 high five.

happy fall/winter folks.

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