Saturday, October 22, 2011

a crow's story

since a previous post that included my "wreath" there have been a few requests for tutorial!

way simple, you need:

thrift store frame (mine was $.25 from dav)
2 dollar tree crows
chicken wire (hardware stores, atwoods)
glue gun
staple gun
orange spray paint
black spray paint
initial (optional)

1) remove backing & glass from frame

2) spray paint frame orange, let dry
(if you want solid orange prime first, i liked the black showing through)

3) spray paint letter orange, let dry

4) lightly spray across letter with black to give the "burnt" 

5) staple wire across back fo frame, pull tight!!

6) crows have wire on their feet, secure on top of frame to backing wire

7) glue initial to the desired wire/frame spot.
the end.


Anonymous said...

LOVE! You should link this up to some of those crafty websites!

Jess said...

i would if i knew of one. ;)