Thursday, April 21, 2011

kansas city w/ the bestie

last year kim got married to her sweetie so we went to kc to celebrate.
this year we got to go for me!
it was an absolutely wonderful trip.
we LOVE victorian houses, & when i found the savoy last year when i was planning her trip, it has become a tradition to go stay once a year.
the staff is phenomenal, and truly kind.
you can tell they love the hotel and it's wonderful history.

kim & i have been friends for over 20 years, but with life being so busy, her & i don't get to spend a whole lot of time together.
considering we used to be inseparable, this was a VERY welcome two days of just hanging out and stress-free fun!
we found numerous antique shops (both one we fell in love with and one we were afraid to even touch anything!), a wonderful thrift shop, an amazing vintage shop, OUR NOW ALL-TIME FAVORITE CRAFT SHOP CALLED URBAN ARTS & CRAFTS, faves like anthropologie and urban outfitters, plus tons of coffee & great food!

i love dining in places that have coke out of a glass bottle.
it always tastes better, & the hamburger was the best i've ever tasted, it was SO good.
and i don't even really like hamburgers!

that's a real danish roller people!
*angels sing*

our lunch booth. :)

you can tell we are from boring ks when we got super-excited about this bridge.

my most important purchase.
addox has been REALLY wanting an easel, and i found this for 7.99 at a thrift store,
& then it ended up being 6.39 because they do cheap sundays.
his reaction was priceless, and it was worth a million dollars.

how cool is this crochet hook & knitting needles "A?"

urban arts & crafts has the loveliest fabrics, i made these into a pillow yesterday.
i love it!
the camera fabric is canvas, and polka-dot is almost silky.

i'm slowly redoing our bedroom right now, vintage theme.
all my knobs are from anthropologie.

my fave.

lovelies that i drooled over in the don't touch shop.

i detest gold. but in antiques, i must say i do love.

i want. i want.

kim says it is haunted. i think it is just beaUTIFUL.

i'm kinda obsessed with taking pictures of my camera.
it's just so COOL.


our sitting room

hope they don't mind that we played with the curtains.

me. um. petting the curtain.

on every floor the stairs post is different... this was my fave.

our truman booth we had lunch in the first day. :)

every part of the huge hotel is beautiful, even the ceiling!

breakfast comes with the suite, you can have as many courses as you want.
the courses are HUGE though, so we always get four & can never even finish that!

never had as good oranges as they serve.

one of the super-sweet guys let us go in the dining room when it was closed to take pictures & explore.

yup! he worked there! see what i mean about awesome history?!




was recommended by a friend, & we were not disappointed!
we hit it up both days. ;)

kim's super-chocolaty cheesecake from
cheesecake factory

my snickers cheesecake!

plates that kim is going to do something fabulous with!

we found lots and lots of "stuff" for projects,


Drea said...

ok!! what are the odds?! i bought that camera fabric (only in b&w) in lawrence, solely for the purpose of it becoming a pillow! ha!

so many wonderful pics! i'm so glad you had an awesome time...
and i'm glad you liked the roasterie. you've officially had it more than i have!

oh, and i want snickers cheese cake. i ordered godiva and couldn't eat half because it was so rich. boo!

Jess said...

oh my gosh, too funny! great minds think alike. ;) they did not have black & white at urban, but i bet it is just delicious. i have scraps, let me know if you *need* some!

thank you for the roasterie recommendation, it is def a smooth taste!

kim ordered the godiva, she couldn't finish it either. last i heard i think the hubbie did. i wasn't as nice, i ate all of mine when i got home. ;)