Friday, April 29, 2011

my first vintage piece of clothing, bought at AWESOME re-runs in KC.

i've always dug the vintage vibe.
i hate wearing what everyone else is wearing.
i'm not normal.
i like wearing unique pieces.
and i'm cheap.
(the skirt was $6.)

i haven't ever found any shops in wichita.
going through thrift stores you have a chance at finding some, but it takes time that i usually don't have.
so KC was like heaven.
we had a blast.
my bestie ended up getting a fabulous belt buckle there and a dress that i can't wait to see w/ a big 'ol red belt.
i can't wait to go back.
they have a warehouse that is open on saturdays, we are making a day trip very soon!

1 comment:

Drea said...

adorable!! and $6?! can't beat it!