Wednesday, April 27, 2011

today was mop day, and i thought it was blog-worthy.
not that it is a rare occurrence (right?...ummm), but because i think addox is the cutest helper there is.
including the sticker in the middle oh his forehead.
and i also love that he can use his imagination no matter what we are doing.
he played in his tent most of the day.

i think he looks like an speed skater.

chairs make a great race car.

and an awesome tent.


Drea said...

so cute! i meant to ask you, did you make your cake stand?

Jess said...

yes! i got a crystal-ish short candle holder from the dollar tree as well as the happy yellow plate. i probably could have found a cheaper one thrifting but i wanted it for our doll night. then i just glued the plate to the holder!

so a whoppin' $2 project that literally took maybe 30 seconds after the glue gun was heated up.