Tuesday, April 12, 2011


last week i went thrifting with a good friend, and had a blast.
we hit up an estate sale (my first one!!!) along with some thrift stores downtown.
the estate sale was in college hill which is my fave part of the city, so the house was pretty cool to look at, too.

~here's my loot~

my first thrift project, yay!
this is very exciting.
and ugly.

sadie the old lady helped... she is the best and naughtiest dog in the world.
she is awesome.

after a couple coats of primer, and some paint... tada!!!!
i'm loving the mint color, and i loved that it was on clearance at walmart for $1 even more!!
project total cost: 7.50

in all it's glory.

this teapot was cheap and i'm pretty sure never used.

andrea found this & made me buy it.
yellow makes me happy.

.99 record at thrift store.

this burlap wasn't marked at the estate sale, just hanging on the wall.
i asked how much it was and bought it for $1.
it was disgusting and had been hanging there for 100 yrs, but it washed up lovely.

there was tons of sheet music at the sale, we picked through it all.
this is more like a book (the middle of one, who knows where the rest is?).
200 pages of music, composer articles, and ads.
looovvveee it.

the end.


Drea said...

your cart turned out great! good job! i love seeing all your stuff again!

Margaret said...

I am a huge thrifter...well, not so much now that my house if full, but I still love a great deal on cool stuff. Love your stuff!

Jess said...

andrea- thanks! :))

margie- thank you, i have a feeling ours is going to fill up far too quickly! i don't know what i will do because i think this is going to become an addiction! :p