Sunday, April 24, 2011

resurrection rolls

all week we have been learning about Easter, getting ideas from here and there, making them our own.

i have two rules when it comes to such holidays:
the easter bunny (as does santa) visits our house, but i want to make sure addox always knows the true "reason for the season."


i don't sugar-coat any of it.
add knows that he died on the cross, knows that nails were driven through his hands, that it was not just a happy time.
this way he doesn't fear it, accepts it, & gets the gravity of it all (to the extent that he is able).
he asks lots of questions, and i answer them to the best of my ability or we find the answer together.

anyHOOOOO, last night we made resurrection rolls.
(they are yummy!!)

resurrection rolls are so simple to do.
the dough is the tomb, wrapped around the marshmallow, Jesus.
when you bake them, the marshmallow "disappears."
so we made them before bed in pj's, then got up and baked them.


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