Monday, April 04, 2011

pump it out

one of addox' favorite places in the world.
he used to call it "pump it out."
lately he gets it right.
he's growing up...

i must admit i love the place too.
where else can your kid yell, scream, run, climb, & jump w/OUT getting in trouble for it?!
plus, parents get to play, too. free.
and i had a groupon.

family day!
jason had the day off, we had a blast and tired ourselves out!!!!

o yeahhhhhh

discussing strategy

jason almost didn't make it

goofs!! why do they shut their eyes?!

last summer i had to help him up at the top...not anymore.

this double-slide takes a chunk out of (adults) elbows every time.

blurry. boo.
any tips on how to shoot moving craziness photo friends?


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