Monday, December 12, 2011

dd- december 10

nope, this isn't nova.
shorter nose.
it is her sister, daisy, who is staying with us until my parents return home.
what is funny is that nova is not happy about this at all, she stays in her chair and rarely gets up.
a bit unfair, since she lived with my parents when we couldn't have her.
daisy didn't complain then... rude, nova.
poor daisy... nova won't even lay with her.
and since jason will let daisy cuddle on the couch, nova won't even look at him unless he is feeding her.
her feelings are hurt, that is her spot.
he tried to say bye to nova this morning, and she wouldn't even turn her head!
poor nova.

they make me laugh so much.
silly beagles... can we say spoiled?!

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