Tuesday, December 20, 2011

dd- december 20

today was our last day of school for the year!
addox and i made chocolate chip cookies for his teachers, got much needed haircuts, and lounged around at home.

i keep a prayer journal/growth journal/random journal for addox, i try to write in it once a week.
i don't know if he will be interested in it or not when he's "all grown up" but if he is it will be there.
right now he is developing so much, and i love all the questions he comes up with.
sometimes they are hard ones though, and are tough to answer.
the other day he asked j & i why teachers can't talk about God or Jesus at school.
we told him we would think about the best way to explain and talk about it the next day.
if i had answered then & there i would probably have said it is a dumb rule.
his class right now doesn't say the pledge everyday, but i know in kindergarten they will.
i wonder if they will leave out the "under God?"

i didn't want to tell him that some people hate God or even worse, don't believe at all.
i told him that some parents don't love Jesus and don't talk about him to their kids, and don't want the teachers to talk about it either. 
he said that is bad and that they won't have "the light," they will try to go to "the light" and God will turn off the switch.
he took our darkness/light lesson quite literally, it seems. :)
he very adamantly said that they should love Jesus or they won't go to heaven.
smart kid.

we have been talking about how christmas isn't about the "stuff," and that even if we didn't have any gifts we would celebrate and be just as happy because we are celebrating Jesus birthday. 
we try really hard to guide him and teach without shoving it down his throat and turning him into a parrot.
he needs to think it all through for himself, & with his curious personality he asks tons of questions.
i especially love when he puts things into his own words.
earlier in the week his lunch prayer was:
"God, thank you for my real gift-- of you and Jesus. amen."

i really, really, hope that he never wavers in his faith like i did & has to discover it again as an adult.
i know he will be forever tested, and i pray we do our job to guide him.

on a lighter note, here are some of the other million things he said this week that cracks me up and/or makes me tear up.

"when i grow up i want to be a jase."

when i grow up i want to be a policeman AND a swim teacher. i will go teach kids when they need it and then jump back over."

"if you (meaning as a girl) don't have a peter then how do you pee?"

"it's not about the arguing, what's important is the love." - randomly, very seriously at lunch. when no one was even arguing.

merry almost christmas!

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