Saturday, December 10, 2011

dd- december 9

today was a fun day!

the windows to the jeep wouldn't go back on after the summer, so we went and got a new top.
i wish i had gotten a picture of addox all bundled in the backseat with his two blankets, going down the turnpike with no back window and only half of one side, haha.
the trip back was much warmer, and the jeep looks great!


last night the girls came over to craft.
when addox was leaving with his grandparents he said "have fun with your girlfriends!" 
we did have fun, and yummy food, and cozy christmas music.

AND i finally made my december daily album to put all these memories in!
i don't have a printer here, so i just journal and put various scraps on each page.
then at the end of the month, do a mass picture lab order and plop them down.
i really enjoy these albums, and putting all the special little parts in it.
i kept the tag off our christmas tree, so that will go on that day somewhere.
i've used burlap, sandpaper, paint, etc to make the album.
each year's is different!!!!

dec 3... fabric scraps from quilt i made for my MIL

dec 9... this is addox' "n" bag for show and tell, he brought a ninja peg doll. :)

for some reason this is my favorite part of the albums... it just gets thicker & thicker!


this is ours from last year, it sits on the coffee table, addox & i have looked through it a couple times.
it was such a great december for us!!! <3


Anonymous said...

I soooo want to come to one of your craft nights!

Jess said...

we would have a lot of fun! :))

Anonymous said...

what lovely crafts!! Great job lady!