Monday, December 12, 2011

dd- december 12

we read "the gingerbread man" this morning, and addox wanted to make some gingerbread cookies!
great idea, and we (kind of) had it all on hand.
we were going to make cookies for his swim teacher(s) this week anyway, i thought it would work out great.
we used all whole-wheat flour because i ran out of all-purpose, and the result was not great.
i will eat them, but addox doesn't like them & more sadly he couldn't even use cookie cutters on them.
they were not stiff at all, and he so wanted to use the gingerbread man cutter.
guess we will have to try again a different day. :)

i got the stool for $1 yesterday, he was thrilled! he has to drag a chair in when we bake. not anymore!

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