Sunday, December 04, 2011

dd- december 4 (christmas tree!!)

addox wanted to color by the tree today.

<3 him so incredibly much....

nova put on her ornament. doesn't she looked thrilled?

MOM'S christmas tree rule: eat lots of cookies while decorating tree.

this side of the tree has 3/4 of our supply...  :)))

from my childhood

we got a REAL tree this year!
the first of my adult life.
i grew up with real ones every year, this tree could be my christmas present & i'd be happy.
my house smells LOVELY, and i asked to keep the trimmings & they are spread out all over my house.
trimmings in old vases and jars tied with fabric scraps are so pretty.
(go ask your lowes guy for branches, they're free.)

addox has more fun every year & it is so fun to be a part of...
he kept wanting to turn off the lights after every ornament, and he LOVED all the ornaments especially for him from his grammie/grandad, great gram from topeka. 
he also got out his charlie brown snow globe from gramma, it is sitting under the tree.
he's still deciding where the "perfect" spot should be. 

i love the holidays so much.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE decorating the tree with the kids. We have a fakey, though. Not quite as fun.