Tuesday, December 13, 2011

dd- december 13

today addox did fantastic at the swim club, each time he is having more fun.
since there is no one in his class this session has been like private lessons, and he loves his teacher.
he says they talk about video games and bananas. :)
i believe it, they seem to talk up a storm.

today he did freestyle all on his own across (width) the pool!
usually he goes halfway to mr. tyler, then (with a little assistance i.e. shove) goes rest of the way.
today he just kept going!
he told me afterwards "next time i'm going to tell mr. tyler to not catch me at all!"
this from the kid that, in a life jacket, would not let go of the side all summer.
now he jumps in, "dives," floats, does different strokes, and is working on breathing already.

go add!!!!!

he surprised himself on that one, he floated way past normal!

ball game

go, baby, go!

and back again...

i have no clue what he was telling everyone but it was a long story whatever it was. 

what a good day to bring my camera. ;)


lisa said...

Love it! I'm so proud of Addox!
The last pic is the best. Can I have a copy?

Anonymous said...

That's awesome!!! I love the jumping picture, such a great shot!!

Jess said...

thank you, bekah!!! :)

lisa- yes, i will get it printed. :))

theolivetree said...

Love this! My daughter learned to swim this summer...our son wouldn't even get in the water...lol ;)