Friday, January 07, 2011

addox mayhem

i never wanted to be anything other than a mom, i knew that from an early age. i never cared about having a career, college/job was basically something to take up time until i had a family. i still feel the same way today... addox is my life and i would not have it any other way! my own mom is the absolute best, and if i am half the mom she is i am happy. i LOVED having a mom that was a part of everything, i cannot imagine a childhood in daycare or with someone else. i hope add feels the same way later about me.

four years ago at this time i became what i always knew i was supposed to be... the mother to a handsome (well alien-looking to begin with, especially when he cried!) little redhead that i am so incredibly blessed with. he broke my water for no reason, chilled in the wrong position in my stomach for 26 hrs before they decided he was not going to move. that is him in a nutshell now- on his own timetable & does what he wants to do when he wants to do it. just like all the big milestones- crawling, walking, potty-training. all of a sudden he just decides to do it early or late and then is done. he has a HUGE heart, sensitive soul, redhead temper, stubborn streak, gorgeous smile and brown eyes and is incredibly funny. the things that he says when he gets in trouble are so creative (and most times sensible) that it is hard to argue, i think he will be a lawyer. he loves to be a helper, problem-solve, and always wants to make someone feel better when they are sad. his questions sometimes come out of nowhere and are something most adults never think of.
i am just so happy that he is mine, and that i have the privilege of raising & loving him. he is an amazing little human that keeps getting better and better everyday... i just hope i can keep up with him.

happy birthday addox mayhem, thank you for making me a mommy. <3

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