Wednesday, January 12, 2011

special pillow

my mom made addox the SOFTEST pillow/blanket. it is heaven to feel, it is a fleece but WAY softer than fleece. i want one for myself. she found it at walmart before they stopped selling fabric, and i really wish we could find more!!

it is super-neat, it is a blanket but has a pocket so that it will fold into it as a pillow!!! it will be perfect for roadtrips. add loves it, he is his gramma & momma's child, the more pillows and blankets the better. he has a queen size pillow, body pillow, small VBS pillow, spaceship pillow, and now his new pillow all on his bed. plus whichever holiday pillow made by his great-gram.

gramma is hands-down one of his favorite people. she has been a humongous part of his life, he is very blessed. i know that he will treasure this even more because of that reason. <3>


Andrea said...

How precious is that picture of add and gramma hugging?! Omw. Love it. And, I did notice all of his pillows when I was in there at his party. So cute!!

Jess said...

haha, can't miss them! he does love his gramma something fierce. ::)

Supplement said...

Precious pictures! And I want one of those pillows too! Will Addox let me borrow his?

Jess said...

you figured it out!!

he's pretty good at sharing!!! ;)